Since 2002 our site had been developed with Microsoft's Frontpage web editing and management software.  While Frontpage is easy to use software, it produces a lot of proprietary code that does not meet current web standards. In late 2006, Microsoft discontinued Frontpage and launched Expression Web, a professional web design tool that creates modern, standards based sites.

Our transition from Frontpage would not have been possible without the eBook Migrating from Frontpage to Expression Web by Tina Clarke and Pat Geary. The template for this site was created by Pat Geary, who was very kind in responding to my many emails asking lots of dumb questions.  My collaboration with Pat indicates the true power of the internet. A chess aficionado was able to team up with an avid genealogist and web designer, without there being any prior nexus between them.  Thanks Pat!
~ Henry White - South Carolina Chess Association

I enjoyed Migrating from Front Page to Expression Web so much I was sorry the class was over. I really liked the step by step learning with available feedback to learn the software.

I did heed the encouragement to not skip and read everything which helped tremendously. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has used Front Page and wants to eliminate the bulky code.

 The quality of the ebook left me wanting more classes. And an unexpected benefit was a huge amount of information available on the web to enhance ones website. I highly recommend this class! Sincerely,
~ Barb Stanislawski ~SoHo Websites