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If you need assistance with converting your FrontPage Site to an standards compliant website, you might want to make use of our Tech Support Services provided by two Expression Web MVP's.

Currently this service is available ONLY to those who have purchased the Migration EBook. You should have received a coupon code within the EBook for use with this service. If you have not then you do not have the latest version of the EBook, please refer to your welcome email and download the EBook again to update it. The latest version is 4.0.2

NOTE: The free Template (DWT) Review Evaluation is ONE TIME ONLY service and you MUST include the coupon code.

Services Offered

Template (DWT) Review - Template (DWT) Review Evaluation

With the free Template (DWT) Review Evaluation we will give you an evaluation of the template or DWT you have selected to use as well as the external style sheet. The template you wish to submit MUST be coded in HTML or XHTML and use an external style sheet. No php or asp pages will be accepted for this service.

We will check the template/dwt to make sure both the template and the style sheet validate. Minor corrections will be made, however, we will NOT remake the template for you.

Fill in the Website Review Evaluation Form and submit. We aim to send you your review within one week, however this may be subject to events outside our control.

How Does Tech Support Work?

First, you submit an email requesting help by using the form below.

One of us will then contact you and set up a time to meet via Yahoo Instant Messager and/or  We can either walk you through fixing your site or we can directly access your web site via and fix the problem(s).

If you wish a more in-depth service we charge $45 per hour, contact us if you wish to discuss further.

Request Tech Support Below

Please fill in all fields and describe in brief the help you require or the problem you are experiancing. 

DO NOT paste the code into the form or send via email. You must publish the .dwt .css and an attached page plus all supporting files (in other words the graphics that are part of your .dwt) or the template and include the link in your description.

It would also be helpful if you included the FrontPage version you were using and the Expression Web version you are using (Include the service packs you have installed). e.g. Expression Web 4.0 SP2

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