Did You Remember

Before you are ready to publish your site, have you checked to see if you have done the following:

Changed the title of your page from <title>Insert TITLE here</title> to what the page title is? - Right click in 'Design View' and choose Page Properties in the General tab you can easily insert the Page Title, Description and Keyword metas.

Added a description to the description meta for your page instead of Insert DESCRIPTION here?

Added keywords to the keywords meta instead of Insert KEYWORDS here?

Changed the language meta tag to your country if you are not in the United States? - This should be done in your DWT in Code View.

Changed the copyright meta - The same applies to this meta as the language meta.

Named your files/folders/images with file names that use hyphens rather than spaces or underscores and used lower case. E.g. pretty-red-rose.jpg instead of Pretty_Red%20rose.jpg

Make sure your images have an ALT Attribute (tag) where needed? - The Page Editor Options - General Tab - Prompt for accessibility properties when inserting images selection should be ticked by default, something you should have made sure of when Setting up Expression Web The Accessibility Properties dialog box should appear when you save the page after insertion of a graphics with this setting. Be sure to insert a period (full stop) after your text.

Validated the pages within your site - You can use the Accessibly and Compatibly  Reports under Tools and validate in full at http://validator.w3.org/  To quickly fix some errors (if you followed the setting up ebook the options will already be in place) right click in Code View and apply xml formatting errors, Optimize HTML and Reformat HTML

Validated the .CSS file within your site http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ 

Looked to see if you have generated any style tags in the head