Expression Web 4.0 Site Templates HTM/HTML Bug

WARNING: It is strongly recommended that before you choose to use any of the Site Templates, you change the default file extension for new pages to .html by selecting Tools > Page Editor Options > Authoring tab. NOTE: Expression Web 4 Service Pack 2 has NOT corrected this bug.

If you have chosen to set your default file extension for new pages to .htm, you will notice the following strange behavior when using any third party .tem Site Template package.

Step 1: You have installed the Site Templates following the instructions provided.

Step 2: Launch Expression Web 4.0 and select Site > New Site > Templates or My Templates (depending on where you installed the .tem files.

Step 3: Select one of the Site Templates you just installed. Name the web, press open and Expression Web proceeds to say "A file with the name default.htm already exists. Do you want to replace this with your file?"

If you say YES EW4 proceeds to delete the page, If you keep saying yes....(the message pops up for each file in the root) and deletes EACH page till you are left with a default file called default.htm. All other pages are deleted from the new web. EW4 takes the first file in the list and renames it to default.htm. Which file becomes the default.htm will depend on which file is the first on the list.

If you say NO EW4 inserts a default.htm file despite there being an existing index.html file and makes the default.htm the homepage. Again EW takes the first page in the root which is the about.html page and renames it default.htm. This time  EW does not delete any other pages.

View Screenshot of site organization

If you really want your files to use the .htm file extension, then after you have set to .html and the .tem has loaded you can then rename the files in the folder list to .htm as the quickest workaround solution

NB: In 'Page Editor Options' under the 'Authoring' Tab you will find 'Default HTML File Extension', and a radio button selection of either .htm or .html. If you choose the .htm setting and then select and make a Site from one of the  the generic Expression Web Site Templates you will see as if by magic the index.html page change to default.html.

This is a little known bug. If you have the default extension set to .html then your homepage extension will remain index.html. You can, of course, rename your homepage file to whatever your host requires by right clicking on the selected link in Folder List View (Panels - Folder List or Alt + F2) and choosing Rename. When you select either .htm or .html in Page Editor Options this designates the file extension of new pages."