Expression Web Default Site Templates


Expression Web ships with a selection of generic site templates packaged as dwts (Dynamic Web Templates). These can be found under Site > New Site > Templates, which include six organizational, seven personal and six small business templates. The default templates offered as part of the Expression Web program have not been updated in quite some time and use a rather unfriendly setup with individual folders for almost every page. Pat wrote about her suggestions for reorganizing the folders in her blog post Expression Web “in box” Templates.

Expression Web gives you the ability to create and register your own templates with the program. Tina's tutorial Register Custom Templates in Expression Web 3.0 encouraged us to pursue a project we had often discussed and felt was needed especially by Expression Web Newbies. The results of that project can be found on on this site.

Basic Template Series

The first series of templates were based on layouts created by CSS Sculptor for Expression Web. This series of twelve Expression Web Site Templates can be downloaded and added to the default templates. The templates as well as the style sheet has been heavily commented to help you in the learning process.

The next series offered were Equal Height Columns Site Templates.  This series of five site templates featured equal height columns using a background image. This series can be downloaded and added to Expression Web so they will be available to you to design new sites or revise older sites. This series of templates were also based on layouts created by CSS Sculptor for Expression Web.

Advanced Template Series

The Content FIrst Site Template series was the first in the series geared for more advanced users. This series require at least a basic understanding of using css and html in order to to edit the templates. This series is currently offered as a package you can add directly to the Expression Web program so the templates can be accessed from EW. They are also offered as a personal web package or as zipped files.

The newest offering in the advanced series is a series of seven Mobile Friendly Equal Height Columns Site Templates. These can be downloaded separately or as a complete set and added to your Expression Web software.

Installing the Templates within Expression Web

Detailed instructions on installing these templates.

Pdf for Printing.The instructions are also available as a pdf file you can print.