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The Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Site says what it is about right there in the title. This site is the launch pad for the eBook which covers all the scenarios you could wish for and then some in order to easily and with the minimum of pain transition from a FrontPage site to an Expression Web site. That means your maintenance time will be cut in half or more, leaving you free to do what you do best - create content for your site.

The eBook gives you the tools to start off in the right way. Tina and Pat have also introduced under the umbrella of the site their Expression Web Community Toolbar which gives users ALL the Expression Web links they could wish for. It's not just links there is more to be had. We recently launched a series of Site Templates which can be used within Expression Web itself. Tina and Pat will continue to build content on Expression Web with upcoming projects for their readers.

Tina has for the seventh year running been awarded by Microsoft in their MVP program and for the second running in the expert category of Expression Web. Tina maintains several sites, two blogs, one list and many ezines and ebooks in FrontPage, the category she was awarded in for the first four years (and two months) from Microsoft. When it comes to Expression Web, Tina started her Any Expression Web Designs site which combines, tutorials, tips and much more with niche market on Web Design for Expression Web and FrontPage Users. Tina prefers once she has designed the site for the client to encourage the client to learn for themselves, and she helps to educate them to that end so that they can maintain the site themselves She teaches them how to use Expression Web to maintain those web standards within their site. 

Tina also maintains her Expression Web Blog and Any Expression Ezine where she posts a tip each issue from her Expression Web Tips Ebooks plus news and specials for her readers. Tina also owns the Microsoft Expression Web List and the long running FrontPage List where discussions on both products ensue. Many members are still migrating from FrontPage to Expression, and this is what inspired Tina and Pat to write their ebook which started this site to launch it. Other joint projects have launched their Expression Web Community Toolbar and Site Templates which can be accessed from within the program itself. They also produce EWTips under their twitter alias at http://twitter.com/expressionweb/ and strive to help  EW users not only on twitter but on other newsgroups, forums and lists. Tina also admin's or moderates a variety of forums and list for other owners. You can also find Tina on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tinaclarke/

Tina also likes to draw with Pen and Ink and doodles her abstracts some of which can be seen at her Abstract Art site. She loves to read science fiction and has collected many books on the subject. She is married with four children and one grand-daughter.

Tina Clarke - MS MVP Expression Web.
Tina Clarke
Microsoft MVP - Expression Web

Pat has been involved with website design since the late 1990's when she created her first genealogy website. She maintains two RootsWeb (Genealogy) Mailing Lists for FrontPage and Expression Web. She is active on both the RootsWeb and FreePages Help list for genealogy websites as well as various yahoo lists for FrontPage and Expression Web where she provides resources and answers questions. Pat is still an avid genealogist and maintains Family Genealogy Online and works with other genealist  webmasters in bringing their sites up to today's web standards.

In April 2007, Pat was first awarded the honor of being named an MVP for Microsoft  FrontPage which she held until April 2009. At that time, she was moved to the MVP category for Microsoft Expression Web. She is now beginning her sixth year as an Expression Web MVP.  Her Expression Web sites include Expression Web Tutorials and Templates where she publishes tutorials on all versions of Expression Web and offers a series of FREE Dynamic Web Templates for EW. Her blog, Expression Web Tips, offers tips and news on Expression Web. She also offers two EBooks on Tutorials for Expression Web, as well as  a number of tutorials on working with WordPress and BlueHost.

Website design remains her love and she is webmaster of Genealogy Web Creations which specializes in website design for the genealogist with tips and tutorials, resources and css based templates as well as a companion blog Genealogy Computer Tips & Tutorials.

She has published a number of EBooks on her tutorials which include Expression Web, Planning a Genealogy Website, and a series of BlueHost tutorials. This site is a joint project with Tina Clarke, Pat's fellow MVP.  Other joint projects by Tina and Pat include the Expression Web Community Toolbar and the Site Templates project which give you a series of Expression Web templates which can be accessed from within the program itself. They also produce EWTips under their twitter alias at http://twitter.com/expressionweb/ . You can also find Pat on Twitter at http://twitter.com/patgeary/

Counted CrossStitch is her other passion. More of her work can be seen on her blog, Pat’s Cross Stitch Corner and the Geary Family Homestead.

Pat lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, is married with two sons and five step-daughters. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren keep coming.

Pat Geary - MS MVP Expression Web.
Pat Geary
Microsoft MVP - Expression Web
April 2007-April 2013

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