Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web

This is a companion website for the Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web eBook. Parts of this site are password protected. Owners of the eBook will have access to the eBook Owners section.

Expression Web Default Site Template Project

This part of our site is dedicated to a series of default templates that can be added to the default templates that ship with Expression Web. They are available to everyone FREE of charge. Each set has extensive documentation. These templates will work with any version of Expression Web. Never be without a basic layout again! With these well coded starter Site packs, full instructions and download information about these must have Site Templates is not to be missed, get yours today.

The site templates consist of a series of four sets geared for both newbies and those more advanced knowledge of writing CSS and XHTML code.


Major Revision - The Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook  has been revised. If you have purchased the EBook in the past, you can download the latest version for FREE! You will have received a notice of the new download link. The email you received when you first purchased the EBook has the username and password you need to use. This major revision includes new material and updates to include the changes for the recently released Expression Web 4.0 SP1 and SP2.  Purchasing the book now entitles you to life-time updates. The revised edition includes new tutorials as well as three new templates. Also included is a new collection of Expression Web queries.

All versions of Expression Web will work with the lessons in the EBook. However, the custom toolbar described in the lessons can only be created with versions 1 or 2. Expression Web 4 with SP2 can create a customized toolbar but it is not as complete as what was/is available in the earlier version. Expression Web 4 is now available free.

Have you ever wondered how to fix all those web bot errors? Do you want your site to do better in the search engines? Would you like to start using Expression Web or begin to use it so it helps not hinders your learning curve? Then this Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web eBook is for you.

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I felt a 5 year anniversary needed more than just posting about it here. My website hadn’t been redone in the same amount of time (except maybe for some bells ‘n whistles) and I had already thought I might give this new-fangled Microsoft Expression Web (EW) a whirl. Luckily I bumped into a course which seemed tailored at what I was about to do: Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web I subscribed, followed the course and here is the result: www.jkp-ads.com Kudos to Tina Clarke and Patricia Geary (both Frontpage MVP’s) who were the course writers and -instructors. Excellent job. ~ Jan Karel Pieterse ~

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Authors: Tina Clarke and Pat Geary

Prerequisites for starting this project include:

  • Install Expression Web (any version) OR you can download a free fully functional copy of Expression Web 4.  The downloaded file name is Web_Trial_en.exe. The software is NOT a trail version but MS never changed the file name.  Note: You can make a customized toolbar with EW 1.0 and 2.0. You CANNOT make a customized toolbar with Expression Web 3.0. This does not stop you using those features within Expression Web 3.0, it just makes slower going. The newly released Service Pack 2 for EW4 allows you to make a customized toolbar but not all of the features we explain can be added. You can also use the free version of EW.
  • Install Firefox with the Html Validator extension that adds HTML validation inside Firefox. The number of errors of a HTML page is seen on the form of an icon in the status bar when browsing.
  • Install Total Validator Basic Desktop Tool which can be run from your desktop.
  • You will need a website made with FrontPage (any version) which must reside on your hard drive.
  • Read and implement either EW 1.0 or EW 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0 Setting up Ebooks. The eBooks by Tina Clarke, are a FREE download.
  • Backed up your Website TWICE. One will be used as your working site one as a safety net. If you wish a experimental web, where whatever you do does not matter, make a third copy.
  • Choose your template from the choices provided below.

Prior Experience:

  • You will need a website made with FrontPage (any version) with a local copy on your hard drive to use in the class
  • You should have read and implemented either EW 1.0 or EW 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0 Setting up Expression Web EBooks

We have found that it would benefit anyone new to Expression Web to have watched Cheryl Wise's four part video series on Getting Started with a Basic Website, therefore we would strongly encourage you to watch it BEFORE you start the project. While the tutorial was made using Expression Web 1.0, the main difference is the location of the Site file choices which are located under the Site menu option rather than the File menu option.

This course covers:


  • Installing EW
  • Backing up

Cleanup Preparations

  • Making CU Toolbar
  • Making Queries

Removal Preparations  

  • Redundant graphics
  • Save Navigation
  • Remove Themes...
  • DL Web Package
  • Preserve Regions
  • Insert DocType
  • Remove bots

Pages Preparation

  • Import Web Package
  • Use Cleanup Toolbar
    • Compatibility
    • Clean Tables
    • Accessible Tables
    • Apply XHTML
  • Replace Bots
  • Compatibility Reports
  • Accessibility Reports
  • CSS Reports
  • Add Semantic Markup
    • Heading Tags
  • Add Meta Tags
  • Preview in browser
  • Validation
  • Run Queries

Revising Pages

  • Navigation
    • Accessible Nav
    • Make Include Pages
    • Insert Include Pages
  • Forms
  • Robots File
  • About DWTs
    • Attach DWTs
  • Use Site Summary
  • SuperPreview (EW 3.0 and 4.0 only) or a separate install of SuperPreview for Internet Explorer.


This part of the site is for eBook owners Only and is password protected. You should have the username and password from the from the eBook.

The template you choose to use should have a left navigation menu so that you can learn the replacement for the navigation bots. You may choose from any of the provided templates.

Each of the templates is written with an XHTML Transitional doctype and both the css and template validate. All files and images for the templates are included in a Personal Web Package that is available for download.

The templates provided are based on those available at InkNoise Layomatic and Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web. There are also instructions on modifying both the style sheets and DWTs.

Select your template package for download.

The Site Templates you can select from are in the process of being revised to include Mobile-Friendly Templates. While they are more advanced you may select from any of them.

NOTE: There are additional FREE site templates available that are NOT part of the password protected area. They are more basic but available for you to use.

Also included in the templates section are the following lessons that are not in the EBook. They are available to EBook owners.

  • Working with CSS
  • CSS Basics - Styles Overview
  • New Style Dialog Box
  • Modify Style Dialog Box
  • Rename a classed based Style
  • Working With Course DWT Style Sheets
  • Working With Course DWT's
  • Layout Tables for Photos or Products
  • Add a Search Box

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web eBook

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